Serving the glass industry around the world

OMCO will serve the glass container world in supplying highest quality moulds at competitive prices in line with the customer requirements.

OMCO will develop their manufacturing capacity to serve the market needs geographically with state of the art technology and experienced people.

OMCO will behave as a global leader in glass mould manufacturing through continuous improvement in manufacturing technology, material development and product design.


OMCO provides a complete range of mould components for glass container production, be it for cosmetic ware, pharmaceuticals, jars, tableware, bottles for fruit juices, beers and spirits.

Moulds are key to realizing your ideas in glass. OMCO’s aim is to offer a complete range of products and services to make your project a success. Supplying moulds, neck rings and the ability to produce any other component required for the moulding process, OMCO is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

OMCO employs 30 people in design engineering who are ready to take on your project, starting from bottle sketch till complete mould set!


Glass container producers face tougher consumer demands, rising energy costs and increased competition from alternative packaging. As a consequence, mould suppliers have to be able to meet the demands for better quality and shorter lead time whilst retaining a competitive price level. As one of the world's leading mould manufacturers, OMCO continues to adapt its structure to meet the changing needs of the glass container industry.

OMCO is committed to serving its customers based on a strategy of quality, innovation, expansion and a constant desire to exceed customer's expectations.

Having 6 mould shops based in Europe plus sales offices in North America, South America, Russia and Asia, OMCO is at your disposal to react to any enquiry.

OMCO foundries

With two strategically located foundries within our Group (Belgium and Slovenia), OMCO is able to monitor the material quality as well as react quickly to our customer’s needs. Our foundries provide us with quality Cast Iron and Aluminium Bronze castings and is pro-active in the R&D of existing and new materials. Continuous research is aimed at using the metals that behave best in terms of glass quality, thermal conductivity, ware resistance, manufacturing, etc…


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