Innovative Glass Solutions

As world market leader, CNUD-EFCO | GFT offers you state-of-the-art technical solutions in terms of both engineering and equipment for forming and annealing glass.


CNUD-EFCO has worked very closely with all the major glass producers worldwide for many years. It has concentrated its activities on the many problems of thermal treatment of glass to become a world leader in the float and hollow glass industries including pattern and automotive glass. In the float glass industry, it has acquired the know-how to anneal a wide range of glass thicknesses from 0.3mm to 25.0mm on a range of glass qualities which include clear, colored, coated, PDP and TFT glass. The annealing lehrs of CNUD-EFCO are designed to cover a wide range of glass production capacities from 50 MTD to 1000 MTD with ribbon widths varying from 0.7M up to 5M and more.

CNUD-EFCO has also been very successful in the design and manufacture of the suspended electrically heated float bath roof system incorporated on float glass production lines. Worldwide, it has supplied in excess of 370 float roofs, all designed specifically for each customer’s production requirements covering the architectural, automotive and special glass float lines.

Today, CNUD-EFCO | GFT is a highly reliable partner recognized for implementing improvements in float glass and cover glass production processes. The company has several breakthrough innovations to its name and provide turnkey tin bath solutions. In addition, further activities such as Waste Heat Recovery and Utilities are further integrated to our existing solution portfolio.


Worldwide CNUD-EFCO has realized more than 250 float lines (including pattern and automotive lines) and 370 tin bath roofs. In all, the installations produce a gigantic quantity of glass for various applications in different sectors.

CNUD-EFCO offers high level solutions for the thermal treatment of glass and has the ambition of being the world's preferred engineering and solution provider. Certainly when it comes to the tin bath and annealing sections of the process, we definitely want to become and remain the benchmark for customers active in different markets: architectural, automotive, electronic, aerospace, furniture or solar glass. By joining forces with GFT, we are strengthening both companies’ leading positions within the glass industry. We offer proven integrated process solutions, equipment and after-market services from bath to lehr according to the latest expectations of the glass manufacturers in order to control capital investments and realize operational cost reductions.


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