Airborne Excellence

BMT Aerospace provides global aerospace companies with solutions to meet expectations in today’s business environment. They aim to be a market leading gear and gearbox supplier specialized in leading and trailing edge devices, complex actuations, turbine engine and helicopter drive systems.


BMT Aerospace International provides solutions to meet the deflationary cost demands and delivery expectations in today's business environment. BMT Aerospace is an expert at transitioning in new business, program-management and providing risk reduction plans that assure on-time delivery with impeccable quality at a competitive price level. 

Manufactured products include flight safety detail gearing, gearbox assemblies, shafts and couplings for fixed and rotary wing aircraft platforms and systems.


BMT Aerospace International translates world class performance and technological leadership with state-of-the-art gear and gearbox manufacturing into high precision components for the aerospace industry.

The Aerospace division serves five basic market segments within the aerospace industry encompassing: Mechanical Actuation, Turbine Engine & Systems,  Helicopter Drive Systems, Defense and Airframe Assembly Structures. Typical services are ‘build to print’ gearboxes using existing OEM drawings and joint development and production of actuation components and assemblies.


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  • Belgium